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כי אתה עמדי (because you are with me) is collection of art works produced through a call-and-response collaboration with my uncle, Jonny Weitzman, as a part of my project, Engaging from Afar. At the beginning of the summer, Jonny shared with my family a drawing he had done of an Iris in his garden. I was really inspired by the drawing, so I decided to recreated it as a block print. I sent him the photos, and he answered with his own manipulations of the prints. We went back and forth like this in an ongoing conversation throughout the summer, producing a total of 32 original works.
While at first our manipulations focused primarily on formal elements like color, medium, and pattern, as the collaboration progressed, we began introducing Jewish and secular texts. In addition we, explored a variety of media including video and sound.
I see the result of our exchange as a visualization of the creative process, a series of derivatives documenting a process of mutation, derivation, decay and rebirth. The original image of the Iris is eventually lost. It becomes mutated, enriched with new ideas, yet further and further from its original form. What I loved about this exchange is how our shared engagement is embedded in the work. One piece cannot exist without the knowledge of the one before it, of the thing it's responding to.

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