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Wishing You Were Here is a collaboration with Israeli artist Andi Arnovitz as a part of my research project, Engaging from Afar. The work is a collection of 42 postcards made July 9 – July 30, 2020 that corresponds to the Three Weeks, a time of mourning and reflection within the Jewish calendar. Andi herself is a WashU graduate and I have much admired her ability to incorporate her Jewish identity within her art practice. Prior to the pandemic, I had planned to be in Israel to pursue research project under her. Unable to travel, she agreed to participate from a distance.


Andi and I decided to make postcards, as they symbolize an urge to share and document. They are also of a specific time and place. A record of existence. Through this daily act of making and sharing, we were a part of each other's days despite our physical separation. Each postcard explores themes of connection, mourning, longing, and both quote and take inspiration from the book of Lamentations, which is read on the last day of the Three Weeks. Throughout the course of our collaboration, I was in St. Louis with my brother and roommate, while Andi traveled to Kansas City, MO to take care of her sister battling stage IV lung cancer. 

In these postcards, Andi and I share our vulnerabilities with one another. These are personal records. Placed together, the collection documents  two paralleled experiences dealing with grief, and together symbolize the comfort we need from others in order to heal. 

Visit Andi's work at

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