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These seven prints represent a re-imagining of the days of creation as seen in the Book of Genesis. Each piece has a printed sentence and incorporates monoprint and collagraph printing techniques to create landscape imagery that roughly corresponds to a specific day of creation. The sentences read:

On the first day, he created good and evil so there would always be an enemy, a darkness distinguishing the light. 

On the second day, he created separateness so nothing in the world could exist at the same time. And he liked it that way. 

On the third day, he created a system of excess because he wasn't satisfied and wanted more, more, more. 

On the fourth day, he created power and the ability to do whatever he wanted, because he could. 

On the fifth day, he created rules because he was right and everyone else was wrong. 

On the sixth day, he created woman and he consumed her. And behold, it was good. 

And on the seventh day, he drank because he was sick and tired of all the things he had created. And it was day, and it was night, and he rested. 

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